Sexually intimidating meaning

On top of all of this complicated tomfoolery, you constantly run out of AA batteries and end up spending more money to replace them than you do on shoes.

You deal with the stigma of being called a slut and a whore on the regular.

You sexuality spills into every facet of your life, especially your humor. Everything from pencils, cucumbers and forearms can be metaphors for dicks.

You manage to make even the most innocent of exchanges dirty. You’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to deal with drama.

But hey, you don’t have a dirty mind — just a sexy imagination. You just want to get off and get back to your lengthy to-do list. Whether it is a cute guy eating an ice cream cone or an expected breeze whipping up your skirt, you find it takes very little to get you hot and bothered.

Unlike most of your female counterparts, you have no problem taking your emotions out of the act of sex. You often find yourself at home with your boyfriend (either robotic or human) getting it on before dinnertime.

None of your friends understand why you could possibly need such an extensive collection, but you know better. You’re looking for more than just your average stimulation and a halfhearted orgasm.Yet, just like most things, some of us are much more sexual than others. We’re lustful and fantasize just as much as the male population.A highly sexual woman is just like any other woman. We refuse to find shame in our desires, no matter who tries to ostracize us.Suddenly, you’re the one coming on to HIM all the time.Not to mention, the good people of society would delightedly go on a witch hunt if they knew about your less-than-kosher sexual desires.