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Read Quranic verses from sura Al-Furqan (Quran 25: 63-73) for a better understanding of these issue.Here is a translation of some Quranic verses and its commentary (Quran 25: 68- 70): "Who invoke no other deity along with Allah, nor take any life which Allah has forbidden save justly; who do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse and whoso does that shall meet its penalty; His torment shall be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide in it in ignominy Unless he repents and reaffirm his believes and does righteous works.(1) For such, Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds.(2) Allah is Ever Forgiving, Most Compassionate." (1).Jesus said that if a man lusts after a woman, he commits adultery in his heart with her.This sex by phone fits that description — and it will be true of you too. If you engage in this kind of behavior, there’s no way you can keep yourself pure.He thinks it only becomes a sin when we have physical contact. If it’s a sin, what do you suggest we do to keep our relationship intimate while waiting?

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While waiting to get married in a few years time, we still need to maintain our intimacy and so he suggested that we have sex on the phone.

This is good news for those whose life has been stained with various kinds of sin in the past but who later repent and firmly decide to amend their behavior. Now I have come to ask you if there is any chance that my sin be forgiven? At this she went away grief-stricken, exclaiming: 'Alas, this piece of beauty was created for the Hell-fire.' "The next day, after the Fajr prayers, I narrated the whole incident to the Prophet (peace be on him).

The present verse amounts to a proclamation of general amnesty, which for millions of sinners provided a ray of hope and prompted them to reform themselves. He said: 'How wrong an answer you gave, O Abu Hurayrah!

Because the New Testament constantly gives instruction to Christians struggling with sin, we understand that it is a normal experience.

"Say: O Ibadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)!