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I know that I have achieved the biggest heights in this sport, and that memory and that experience gives me enough reason to believe that I can do it again."Wimbledon marked the 51st consecutive major appearance for Djokovic dating back to 2005. He's reached the tournament semifinals in 10 straight years, including seven appearances in the championship match and a pair of titles in the season's final major.While his remarkable run of durability has helped him capture 12 Grand Slam titles, it's also prevented him from taking many mental breaks given the nearly year-round tennis schedule. Looking ahead, Djokovic remains one of the most dangerous contenders in every event he plays, even though his form has been fleeting this season.It's an ominous combination for everyone but Djokovic.Djokovic has undergone a remarkable evolution, from callow, excuse-making youth into a tensile, dominant champion who is proud but seemingly unburdened by his status as the alpha dog of men's tennis. At this point, it's about history, and one reason Djokovic might catch and/or surpass Federer is because he cares as much about tennis history as anyone has, and is more willing than some to admit it.A resurgent showing in New York, and perhaps some extra time off during the latter stages of 2017, would improve his prospects heading toward next year and beyond.Second, the stars of his main rivals are descending.Rafael Nadal has hardly fared better, losing nine of their past 10 meetings.

Djokovic is healthy and devoted to the mission."It's actually many years of commitment, hard work, sacrifice and dedication, not just to training sessions, the things that you are obliged to do as a tennis player, but also to a lifestyle," Djokovic said when asked to reveal his secret to success.14) a few months later, he hasn't won a major since, never mind threaten Federer's record.It's a sobering reminder of how quickly gold can turn to dross.Djokovic has won four of the past five Grand Slam finals, losing only to No.4 Stan Wawrinka in a stunning upset in the 2015 French Open final.