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He replied that as he saw that they were like other Spaniards in color, they thought that they were one and the same ; furthermore he saw that they also had rosaries, and that they spoke to them of God, the same as the padres, and, since they took nothing from them [the Indians], they took them to be good people.

The only thing that seemed strange to them was that some of them wore doublets of steel.

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Fue repreguntado que si los dichos papeles y lienso lo entregaron los estran- e Copy B reads " como los demas ". He was asked whether they did not know that the said strangers were our enemies, and that they came to deceive them.

He was asked whether he only saw the strangers on this occasion or whether they came to their rancherias at some other time.

He replied that a little while afterwards he came from that rancheria to those nearer La Junta de los Rios, and that he went to see the padres and told them what he had seen, and that then the declarant and Don Juan Xaviata, their governor, were appointed to go at the time of their fairs to where the said strangers were.

er de edad de mas de cinquenta afios no firmo por no saber firmolo el interprete con el Seiior Governador. He replied that an Indian captain of the rancherias near the Texas In- dians gave it to him, and that he gave him more papers to bring, for in the plunder that he saw there was a good bundle of papers.

Ante mi Don Luis de Valdes escribano de gobernacion y Guerra. Autos from Pardinas, 1688-1692 267 He was asked who gave him the two sheets of paper with writing thereon, the picture of a ship, and the cloth 12S in which the latter came.