Bait and switch dating

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However, after talking to your male co-workers and observing that you’re not being contacted, you have to be asking yourself – is it REALLY in my best interests to tell the truth if 95% of guys are going to dismiss me for doing so?

Well, two male co-workers were talking about online dating and mentioned that they’d never contact a girl that was in that class or “curvy”, because any time they’d met one in the past, she’d been much heavier than in her pictures.

I’m wondering if this is why guys will view me a lot, but won’t make contact.

Something else worth mentioning from the Nintendo Dream interview is that you can change from Classic to Casual Mode while playing. However, the game was made so that you can’t change from Casual to Classic.

Nintendo Dream has been conducting regular interviews with the Fire Emblem Warriors developers over the past few months.