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Allowing her dress to take centre stage, the attractive blonde opted for limited accessories, with a single pair of earrings her only visible addition.

Assistant Crown Attorney Craig Fraser had just finished saying it was a strong circumstantial case, the judge had not heard the evidence, and, yet, there, he was comfortably asserting it wouldn’t have been enough to convict and telling Noudga to make nicer friends.

The actor criticised contestants Jessica Shears, Dominic Lever, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies after the respective couples had sex in the Majorca based show's villa. ' Tuesday night's episode of the show saw sexual tensions reach fever pitch as birthday girl Jess went the whole way with her on-screen beau Dom in the hideaway - while Amber and Kem got streamy in the shared bedroom.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: 'People getting 'rumped' on tele,,, your parents must be so proud… Jessica led the way with the sexy antics as the Islanders rang in her birthday during which enamoured Dom read out a poem expressing his feelings for his partner of just eight days. What happens in the hideaway stays in the hideaway.' Back at the event, guests enjoyed performances by Rebecca Ferguson, Sheila Ferguson, Dionne Warwick and Freda Payne.

Her notes, or whatever they were, were taken along with the letters Millard wrote to her from jail. It took a year to arrest her, he explained, but what a trove of evidence Noudga stashed over that period.

Millard’s letters and Noudga’s notes first came to light at Noudga’s bail hearing in the summer of 2014, after she had spent just over three months in jail charged as an accessory after the fact in the murder of Tim Bosma.