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City planners preferred to preserve the Ghouta as much as possible.In the later twentieth century, some of the main areas of development were to the north, in the western Mezze district, and, most recently, along the Barada valley in Dumar in the northwest and on the slopes of the mountains at Berze in the northeast.The Russian embassy in Syrian capital Damascus has been hit by mortar shells during an at tack, Moscow says.The Russian Foreign Ministry said two shells hit the building and another two landed close to its perimeter.Russia has been a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and has provided him with military support in the war against rebel groups."We confirm that Russia's consistent and principled policy of uncompromising fight against terrorists in Syria will be continued," the ministry said.

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Satellite image of Damascus, with Umaween Square just above the center.UNESCO selected the Ancient City of Damascus as a World Heritage Site in 1979. In the Middle Ages, it was the center of a flourishing craft industry, specializing in swords and lace.The city has some 125 monuments from different periods of its history—one of the most spectacular is the eighth-century Great Mosque of the Umayyads, built on the site of an Assyrian sanctuary.The same network was later improved by the ancient Romans and the Umayyads, and still forms the basis of the water system of the old part of Damascus today.The city is mentioned in Genesis 14 as existing at the time of the War of the Kings, during the time of Abraham, although the historicity of this account has been questioned.