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Page 5 of 6 of NKE's Q1 results in its September 25, 2017, Press Release reflects revenue for NKE's 4 regions: North America (NA), Greater China (GC), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific and Latin America (APLA); international markets represent ~55% of NKE's business, and this percentage is projected to grow.

NA NKE's North American business generates ~ B in revenue, and growth is expected to be in the mid single digit range over the next 5 years; NKE's projected NA growth rate takes into account the risk of further retail disruption than that experienced to date.

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Flex will deliver over 3 million pairs of shoes to NA in FY2018.

NKE is currently the #1 favorite brand with the over 85 million consumers in just these 3 cities!

While opportunities lie in football/soccer and sportswear, NKE also sees tremendous growth opportunities in women, running, basketball, and "Jordan".

GC Low to mid-teens revenue growth is forecast, given that sport participation and the culture of sport are expanding.

NKE has indicated that distribution in China has leapfrogged many of the stages of physical and digital retail development in NA.