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Nor are these the only rights EU nationals will lose, as Dr Mike Ward explains. "We set out that for those EU citizens currently living in the UK who have made the UK their home, including those 600, 000 Italians who are in the UK, we want them to be able to stay and to have the same rights as they have at the moment." That is unequivocal. Now, of course, the Prime Minister’s statement is technically untrue – the UK has set out no such thing.Now, some commentators – in particular, Migration Watch and Daniel Hannan – continue to attempt to mislead the public about this: for example, Daniel Hannan recently claimed that “EU citizens will have all the same rights as now”, while Migration Watch argue that when they said that “EU citizens will keep their existing rights” they didn’t mean But no one senior in Government has made such an obviously false claim; indeed, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, explicitly recognised that EU nationals would lose some of their current rights, saying “we agonised” over the issue. What is going to change for them – I guess something is going to change? But that’s not really the point, because what matters is not what we’ve said so far, but what we do next – and in particular, what David Davis and Ollie Robbins, our lead representatives, say at the negotiations next week.Students will leave with a completed project, extra yarn an lot of ideas!Register here and select Andrus2017 at registration type on online registration page, or call 303-556-8320 and request state “Andrus2017” or email [email protected] class name and state “Andrus2017” AARP Members … It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. The year has just flown by—or at least that is my perception.— Thursday, November 16: Personal Enrichment: Beginning Crocket, 6 – 8 PM – Metro State University Come explore the many wonders of crochet in a relaxed environment!Learn how to read patterns, work beginner stitches and finish off a project.

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These EU citizens will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK and will be treated no less favourably than they are at present.” In fact, when the UK belatedly produced its counterproposals on the rights of UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens here, they were considerably less generous than the offer made by the EU27, and in particular they explicitly removed a number of important rights.

The videos are to provide information to help benefit the caregiver and care receiver.

Called to Care Having served as a personal and professional caregiver, I understand the journey of caregiving from the inside out. And, who will you companion – without question – through the trials and tribulations of life? Seating is limited; reserve your spot now for this free event by calling 303-322-3373.

How about enjoying the delights of the season right here in town? AARP was very disappointed with the passage in the House. This morning I am particularly thankful to be HOME enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. However, a little break in the action is welcome—time to relax, recharge, and reflect.

Join the History Colorado Center for the Winter in the City tour, which includes three nights’ lodging at the Brown Palace, Oxford Hotel and Hotel Teatro, valet parking, bus transportation, guides, entrance fees, two drinks and four meals, including stops at the Palace Arms and Ellyngton’s. — The idea of “Wise Elder” suddenly occurred to me. The following comments include what AARP relayed to Congress and is a good description of what is wrong with the House version of the tax bill. As always, the fall season has been incredibly busy with conferences and other speaking engagements. Today, I am remembering the family caregivers I met over the past several weeks.