Updating remote sql database with dbase

You can reduce the load on both the client and the network by moving the business logic to the server, leaving just the presentation services and logic on the client to minimize the impact on the client.The mechanism most commonly used for putting business logic on the servers is stored procedures, which are collections of procedural code that typically include SQL for accessing the database.

This means that you'll be able to create applications that not only use desktop data, but SQL data from ODBC data sources and SQL servers.

Before you can use the ODBC data source, you need to define an Alias for it.

To do this, select the add alias from the Aliases tab (IDAPI Config utility). BIBLIO_DB) Select the Alias Type - specify the driver name for your ODBC data source from step II.

Most client/server configurations today use a two-tiered model, consisting of a client that invokes services from a server.

While the Client Application interacts with and presents information to end-users using a GUI, the database servers perform high speed data manipulation, protect data integrity and enforce business rules.