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Don't be worried about the conversation, you have already established that you have stuff in common and are mutually attracted. Honestly, my hesitation is a combination of guilt (why I should feel guilty is beyond me, but I do), fear of the unknown (dating after 27 years qualifies as "unknown") - basically all of the above. It is merely getting together with someone you have never met in person before. At this point, I think you are making this one person into a LOT more than what she really is. Be honest, completely honest, it will serve you well. I'm thinking it's more FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN than actual love for your cheating spouse. I think I will just take is slowly and see what happens. You will have to see if you even like the person or not. My stbxw had an EA starting in 2008 - which evolved into a 4 month PA in summer 2009.I discovered the relationship in 2010 after it had ended - but my wife allowed me to believe it was "just" an EA.I've been posting mainly on the CWI section of the site.Short story - married almost 25 years - separated Sept 2012.In addition, I suspect that her toxic friends are continuing to introduce younger (12 - 15 years younger) men to her at clubs (my stbxw was like a project for them - she was the only one of her group still married).

IMO online dating sites should be a last resort, not a first line tactic. I was fool enough to put up with a six year false reconcilliation before WW walked out on me and our three sons. A lunch time coffee is a great low risk way to start. At our age, be wary of the kind of baggage you want to take on. There are quality people still out there, but, they are getting more difficult to find. The problem was that my wifes boyfriend was a convicted felon scumbag druggie who was watching my children.

My wife confessed to the 2009 PA AFTER we had separated.

She is not in a relationship at the moment, but is infatuated with another man who has been leading her on (he is separated but may be getting back with his wife - he is 15 years younger than my stbxw).

We were in false R until we separated (just weeks after a wonderful family vacation).

It was supposed to be a trial separation but my wife would absolutely not agree to a "no dating" understanding.