Dating affilite faq

You could also use a combination of site links and direct selling to maximize sales.

These are any terms or conditions you would like to impose on your affiliate program.

Should the buyer purchase a product within this period of time then the affiliate will be credited their percentage of the sale.

Should another affiliate use a site link to the same product or site, then the clock is reset with the new affiliates details and the old affiliate will longer receive commission for the sale.

However you should not use this option if you have previously entered item commission rates as it will overwrite all existing rates.

If you are managing items individually you'll notice some new affiliate options when editing a product: You can tailor the commission rate (overriding the default) or turn off affiliate selling completely if you want.

Direct links allow the affiliate to directly sell your product(s) on their affiliate website.As noted, if you do offer a refund on an order where the affiliate fee has already been paid, we will record it as a loss for that order.In such cases we will track this for you and adjust the next payment to the affiliate but there is no guarantee they will refer more sales.Affiliates must agree to these before joining the program.Once your are happy with your program configuration you can click the Update button which will redirect you to a screen like this: Here you can enter a default commission rate for all your products which can save time over managing each item individually.