Beavis and butthead in dating

Top O The Mountain(A)-Stronger ep than the ones before it.

Here, the b's go get their hair washed so they can see the stylist's [anatomy].

"Beavis and Butthead even acknowledging Jersey Shore makes it unfunny," he wrote.

The duo made a splash with their anticipated debut on Thursday night and had critics and viewers buzzing. While one reviewer praised the return, saying, "It turns out that their brand of blunt but unexpectedly wise snark translates just as well to trashy reality shows as it did to trashy hair metal videos back in the day."VIDEO: ' Simpsons' and ' Beavis and Butthead' Creators Join Seth Mac Farlane at His THR Cover Shoot" data-reactid="24"VIDEO: 'Simpsons' and 'Beavis and Butthead' Creators Join Seth Mac Farlane at His THR Cover Shoot Another another wasn't as nice, noting, "Visually the show hasn’t been updated at all, which is as it should be: teenage lethargy is" Another couch potato said, "Got to see a few moments of Beavis and Butthead, nearly choked on my cognac."" data-reactid="29""Beavis and Butthead critiquing MGMT and Skrillex videos is the best thing ever," a viewer praised.Gary Yoshimitsu brought up past shows, saying, "I'm so glad Beavis And Butthead is back. Here, the b's meet up with a biker lady at the Maxi Mart.Hilite when Butthead wonders if the biker lady "does it". Here, the b's try to get into a nudist colony for free.