Making a lesbian dating tv

After the cancellation of television’s marquee gay and lesbian shows over the years— creator, director and writer Dane Joseph, who funds the series out of his pocket. Our show is more about our travails and trying to make it.” For more on Duder’s neurotic tomfoolery is intensely funny and its characters are authentic and likable.” Plus After Elton likes it!See story on the series and my interview with creator Matthew Kirsch here. **East Willy B (creators: Julia Grob and Yamin Segal), owns a bar catering to Latinos in a community on the verge of gentrification.For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality.

**BJ Fletcher: Private Eye, popular Canadian detective web series now attempting to make the transition to television.

This is a list of original web series — most of them “scripted” — focused on gay and lesbian stories and characters.

Please email suggestions of series to aj (at) ajchristian (dot) org.

Notable series, or personal favorites, are starred.** (There are great unstarred ones as well — I’m only one person! **The 3 Bits, siblings — Henry, Madison and Roman — get into misadventures in New York.

Henry’s story is a gay sex comedy; Roman’s a lesbian crime drama; and Madison’s a “mommy blog on crack.” Created by Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, featuring Cole Escola.