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However, other influences gain weight in different regions.

Work seems to play an important role in the life of Germans.

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One of the biggest surveys of world-wide public opinion ever undertaken has revealed that most of those questioned (65 per cent) do not think their country is governed by the will of the people - with the figure rising to three out of four in the former Soviet bloc. Globally, 65% don't believe their country is run by the will of the people - in the former Soviet bloc the figure rises to 75%. Only in Scandinavia and South Africa do the majority believe they are ruled according to their wishes.

After corruption, environmental pollution (64% very serious), terrorism (61%), human rights abuses and the rising cost of food and energy (both 59%) were rated as the next most serious issues.

Family exerts the greatest single influence on people worldwide - with 61% overall saying a partner or family has helped them make decisions about their life in the past year. The lowest rating for family influence (35%) comes from North America where people report a wider range of influences, especially religious leaders.

12% of people in North America considered a religious leader to have had the greatest recent influence on their life.

Eleven per cent said that their employer had had the most influence over their life decisions in the past 12 months compared to just 4% across Europe and 2% globally.

People's attitudes did not vary much depending on age and gender, although not surprisingly those under 65 were more likely to feel they could change their lives.