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While Ranma and Ukyo are eavesdropping on this, Ukyo's reaction is not the disgruntlement of her fiance. That evening, Ryoga wanders the streets, even more aimlessly than usual.

When he recollects Akane's statement, he idly buries a fist in a nearby telephone pole and painfully declares that if he was really mature, he'd actually tell Akane how he felt and not be such a wimp.

When Ryoga pulls himself together and is clear that he does, Ukyo finishes up writing a love letter okonomiyaki, declaring she'll deliver it there personally if Ryoga gives her a map.

Just before dawn the next day, the exhausted Ukyo finally reaches the Tendo Dojo, cursing Ryoga for a jackass that sent her across half of Tokyo to find the place.

Freaked out and annoyed, Akane and Ryoga promptly beat Ranma up, douse her in hot water, and boot him out through the curtains, with Ryoga's tanuki statue going along for added weight.

Grumbling to herself about what an obnoxious pest Ranma can be, Akane gently encourages Ryoga to not let Ranma's antics get to him, almost flirtatiously telling Ryoga that he's much more mature than his rival.

Ukyo promptly comes to Ranma's defense, but discovers very quickly that Ryoga outclasses her.

Still dressed in her male transfer student uniform, while Ryoga does initial hesitate at Akane's declaration of Ukyo's gender, he promptly declares that Ukyo is clearly another boy and resumes attacking, to Ukyo's indignation.

Akane alternates between supporting Ranma and making statements that, while helpful on the surface, just make things worse (declaring Ranma is free to date whoever he wants just makes Ryoga declare that he must punish Ranma for Akane's own good).

Still, intrigued despite himself, he follows her to her new business, Okonomiyaki Ucchan's, where she brings up the topic of him going on a date with Akane.

Ryoga reveals he'd love to date Akane, but then shoots himself down, declaring she'd never agree.

Ryoga's tendency to get flustered around women is ultimately his downfall; Ranma disrupts a diving attack of Ryoga's by pulling open Ukyo's just-sliced shirt and baring Ukyo's sarashi-bound breasts.

Ryoga immediately loses momentum with a bleeding nose, something that Ranma takes advantage of to kick him through the air to smack head-first into a tree branch.