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It looks like it's mostly business men." Tom nodded, not adding it was mostly tired white businessmen.

"If she's an amateur she wouldn't be any real competition," he told her, nodding at the empty stage, "Your tits are better." "And now," the DJ's voice paused melodramatically, "Let's welcome last month's winner, Missy!

Characters: (Descriptions are left up to the artist) Ann- The wife, has an amazing body worthy of a porn star. The upright living V of a bouncer is visible at the edge of the photo, the upper and lower borders advertising 'Amateur Contest, Every Wednesday Night. She knew things had been tight, but last week there had been 0 in their checking account. I guess a degree in modern dance wasn't the smartest choice," she looked at the ad again, "The only thing I could do is work at the local strip club... " Tom recognized the tone in her voice, "It says right here... The winner gets 0." "Bullshit," Tom scoffed, "Let me see that." He looked at the ad. "That would pay the rent, but I don't think I could dance nude." Ann shivered at the thought.

"New guests," the owner began before the couple could startle at his approach, "I hope you're here for the contest, young lady.

You are astonishing." "I don't know," Ann demurred. "She's never done anything like this before," Tom said, "We saw your ad, and thought we'd check the place out, first." "Of course," the owner smiled broadly, as if that was the most natural thing in the world, "And I'm sure you'll be quite impressed... the best service, the best food, the best beer and booze...

and the prettiest dancers." He looked around conspirationally, "I hate to confess it, but judging from the competition, you have a great shot at winning," he winked, "Go grab a seat.

A server quickly took their order, bringing each a beer so cold the bottle was frosted. " the DJ's voice echoed in the big, mostly dark room.

Together, they watched the stripper on stage, a pretty brunette who was going through the motions spinning on the pole. There was a smattering of applause and cheers as the girl scooped up the stray bills on the edge of the stage and disappeared through the curtain at the back.