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The liveliest thing is the electronic games machines which blink brightly through the gloom.

I did notice a step back in time with a table football machine, so perhaps that peps things up a bit.

This is a heck of a lump of a place and there’s a wide open, if deserted, car park out the front too so it must be busy at some point.

With the number of rooms available – an empty restaurant, a locked up, unused bar on the right-hand side and another side room with furniture stacked up – I have to assume it does a roaring trade with events, otherwise I don’t know it could support so many miserable staff.

Imogen had forgotten £32 on someone’s tab but I lost interest after this.

The place feels a bit like a large corridor and I have to assume all the locals prop themselves up on the stools along the bar.

It turns out they were also bored bar staff, too tired to work but with just enough energy to loll across the bar.

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Now I know I’m on the wagon and it might affect my judgement a little, but nothing was going to take the edge off an early impression of this one. I’m not saying it’s downright awful as there are inhospitable holes worse than this one.

Miraculously there is a happy hour advertised, which runs from Monday to Friday between 4pm and 6pm – if only I’d been in earlier I’d have missed the miserable hour which clearly follows it.

From my bar stool I could see the restaurant area in darkness behind a hefty glass wall.

The flavour of my drink might have changed, but that was about it.

Even the electronic pictures of the place, which change automatically on the front of the till display, portray the pub as empty and drab – I suggest they add a few pictures with something lively or at least alive.