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It is a common maxim in security to trust nobody, hence never trust the user to enter correct or valid form values.For example, in an email form field, instead of entering a valid email address, the user might enter an invalid one or malicious data obviously ignoring the intent of the request.NET tries to separate code and markup, PHP still encourages this mix, and allows you to do it in several different ways.In the previous chapter, we used the most common and most correct way of starting the PHP block: As you can see, you do save some keystrokes, and if you're writing code for your self only, you may be tempted to use the short versions instead.As a result, the specification doesn’t define an algorithm for validating these, hence it isn’t supported web browsers at the time of writing. The pattern attribute will likely make a lot of developers, especially those working on the front-end, happy.This attribute specifies a format (in the form of a Java Script Regular Expression) that the field value is checked against.

If the parameter is a valid postcode, the function returns it correctly formatted - i.e.Try the demo below by entering an invalid email: See the Pen Email Validation Example by Site Point (@Site Point) on Code Pen.There is also Note: The formatting of phone numbers varies from country to country due to the inconsistency in lengths and uppercase and with a space between the inward part and the output parts. When building web applications, it is important you take security seriously, especially when it has to do with collecting data from users.