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Ben tells us about a time he really connected with Shamu and Steve tells a crazy story about getting arrested in Mexico. Blue for you 2 free meals from our sponsor Blue Apron!

Follow the show, get merch and listen to previous episodes on Eddie Ifft - @Eddie Ifft | Facebook Jason Auer - @Jason Auer Craig Phillip Conant - @craigconant Joe Praino [email protected] Official Talkin' Shit - @Eddie Talkin Shit | Facebook On this episode of Talkin' Shit, Wheeler Walker Jr.

The show starts off with Ben and Eddie comparing the wild parties they just had.

Then the guys talk a lot about their fears and claustrophobia.

Plus Katie tells the story of using her new strap on and things only get weirder from there.

UK fans make sure you catch Bronston at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!