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None of them admitted this but I sensed all of them are feeling the mounting pressure to text (and sext) as a means of feeling a sense of security in belonging and to feel good about their bodies.

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Boundaries will keep her safe and clear about her own standards.Two little words – “yes” and “no” can hold tremendous power as girls learn how to set boundaries.“Yes, I want to play with you and I am available.” “No, I don’t want to play today; I am not available.” When she’s little, we can start with easy requests like these – encouraging her to first consider what she wants and then provide her answer – kindly and firmly.Keep the creativity flowing with the included customizable stickers that help personalize your R2 unit, so it’s just the way your little tinkerer designed it to be.Everything your sidekick needs to master the Force is included in this package from a galaxy far, far away!