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A so-called “jade princess” (the term for women who have been successful in the jade industry), Ruby runs a family business in southern China and doesn’t quite have the model-like features of the other women taking part in the weekend: a little softer around the tummy, her eyebrows a tad overplucked.

“I was very honoured by the invitation,” she says, adding that “the most important thing is to find someone you can identify with spiritually.

(One 22-year-old reality-show contestant famously declared she’d rather “weep in a BMW than laugh on the back seat of a bicycle”.) Skewed birth rates have further fuelled the fight for a wife – thanks to the government’s one-child policy, more boys than girls are born annually, and by 2020 it’s estimated that China will have 24 million surplus bachelors.

Most of these unmarried men live in the impoverished countryside – but even the super wealthy sometimes struggle to find wives, and increasingly they are turning to China’s booming matchmaking industry.

Besonders bedanken möchten wir uns natürlich bei unserem Turnierleiter Pfanzeltner Karl und alle anderen fleißigen Helfern die eine solche Veranstaltung erst ermöglichen.

Das positive Feedback der Teilnehmer zeigt, dass unser Turnier einzigartig ist und seines gleichen sucht in Oberösterreich.