Updating samsung omnia

Are you looking forward to this firmware update if you’re a Samsung Omnia II owner?

Helping us to keep tabs on the Tango roll-out, Evilels has written to let us know that his Samsung Omnia 7 on Vodafone Germany has just received the Windows Phone Tango update, taking it from OS: 7.10.7720.68, firmware: 2424.11.8.... Tango Build 7. has been made available for download by Football, ready to be cook into ROMs.

We posted yesterday about the Samsung Omnia 7 update going in testing for selected European carriers.

T-Mobile Germany support on Facebook has just posted that the update is now expected to roll out only in early November. While the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango roll-out has been going smashing to 98% of users (supposedly) there has been a group that has been less fortunate.

Please remember that flashing your mobile phone is fully on your own risk.

If the process is interupted (power failure, disconnected cable, software failure (e.g. ( *#1234# ) - How do i know how young my firmware version is? - Make always a hard reset after flashing by code: *2767*3855# ( For more codes check Mobile Code Page ) Firmwares. Exit the WP7 Root tools by tapping the exit button to save the changes. Run the Diagnosis application and dial the code *#9908#. Just check it but don’t choose anything and close the application. Download the Mango B2-Dev Retail Update.zip, unpack and run while the device is connected. Synchronize your device with the new Zune installation, go to update and apply the latest update available again:) 13. Uninstall the current Zune version (Beta that you installed previously) and install the Zune version that is included in the packed folder.It will backup the current state of your phone so you can revert the Mango update in case the installation will go wrong. Now you have to download the special version of Zune for the Mange Beta2 installation. Copy another folder called “RCTo RTM” directly to C:. Connect your device to PC and close the Zune that will start automatically.We decided to share our experience with installing Mango if you decide to undergo this whole process. Please bear in mind that if you have another type of device this might not work for you:) because some of the steps may vary.There are a lot of instructions online that might help you with other type of devices.