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I am satisfied--I see, dance, laugh, sing; As the hugging and loving bed-fellow sleeps at my side through the night, and withdraws at the peep of the day with stealthy tread, Leaving me baskets cover'd with white towels swelling the house with their plenty, Shall I postpone my acceptation and realization and scream at my eyes, That they turn from gazing after and down the road, And forthwith cipher and show me to a cent, Exactly the value of one and exactly the value of two, and which is ahead?

4 Trippers and askers surround me, People I meet, the effect upon me of my early life or the ward and city I live in, or the nation, The latest dates, discoveries, inventions, societies, authors old and new, My dinner, dress, associates, looks, compliments, dues, The real or fancied indifference of some man or woman I love, The sickness of one of my folks or of myself, or ill-doing or loss or lack of money, or depressions or exaltations, Battles, the horrors of fratricidal war, the fever of doubtful news, the fitful events; These come to me days and nights and go from me again, But they are not the Me myself.

Where do you see or imagine you and your family living happily (ever after) while enjoying all the good things in life?

I love to laugh first and foremost and feel this is really important in a relationship, to laugh together.

There is a very efficient garbage police in Amsterdam and a Dutch neighbour doesn't need to call the police to tell you very clearly a piece of his/her mind if you disturb in the building.

One clear difference : Dutch = confrontation culture; Swiss = avoidance culture.

if you are an aggressive woman who likes other aggressive women and think thats perfectly normal, you will be swimming in the same pool.

I love the sense of security and good values of Switzerland, the fact that everything just works (public transport!