Yes, I had left the file for the Event Receiver there, and therefore when the feature was activated for the project, the receiver got associated to ALL lists on the site.Even a simple app to enumerate the event receivers associated to the list only showed the one instance.If yes, then deactivate the feature and delete the duplicate receiver.You can use Share Point Manager 2010 from codeplex to figure out how many event handlers are attached to your list It might also be related to your versioning / requirement of checking out the file within the library : this was for 2007 but still the case in 2010 Regards yes..Well, I had moved on to other things again, when all of a sudden, I noticed that new tasks were being created in the task list for some documents that I was uploading to a different document library.


When I added it to the list instance, it just caused the event to fire twice on THAT list.The problem was that I had written an Event Receiver to handle Item Added events for a custom list.The handler simply creates a task in the Tasks list corresponding to the new item added to the custom list.Adobe Flash based with webcam/video and audio/voice enabled.Enter your nickname in the field below and click connect.