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Er ist einer der ltesten Alumni der Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da).Vor 70 Jahren war Heinrich Zahn unter den ersten Studenten, die an der Stdtischen Ingenieurschule Darmstadt, einer Vorlufereinrichtung der h_da, ihr Studium der Elektrotechnik aufnahmen. 20 Headset für Blinde hilft bei Straßenüberquerung h_da-Studierende gewinnen Preis auf Things Con Ein Headset, das die Stop-and-go-Signale einer Ampel simuliert, soll es Blinden und Sehbehinderten k...UNESCO-Auszeichnung: Hochschule Darmstadt ist herausragender Lernort für Nachhaltigkeit Erst vor kurzem ist das neue Bund-Lnder-Frderprogramm "Innovative Hochschule" gestartet....

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To give you an idea of the kinds of adventures the Bayou Greenways have in store, every week leading up to Super Bowl 51 on February 5, 2017, the Houston Parks Board will be publishing new “super places” near the existing and future Bayou Greenways and trails. These 13 acres, bordered by the bayou, rank among the city’s top dog parks. One of the city’s best golf holes, the 563-yard site is bordered by the bayou and features a picturesque Cypress Pond. North Houston (aka Spring) Skatepark, 12351 Kuykendahl Rd.This list is just a starting point for exploring the bayous. The park features shade trees, drinking fountains, and doggy showers. The club was built by the Texaco oil company in 1924 and is the oldest private golf course still in its original location. This 10-acre facility was one of the world’s largest when it opened in 2014, featuring bowls, pipes, ramps, and street skating obstacles. Mickey Leland (1944-89), who died in a plane crash while on a mission in Ethiopia.We hope you will share with us the “super places” you find as you explore the Bayou Greenways and the surrounding neighborhoods. Vacant historic (1919) elementary school renovated in 2011 for assembly space and service facility. A new (2015) pedestrian bridge connects once-divided portions of the Inwood neighborhood, offering a panorama of a non-channelized portion of White Oak Bayou. One of the city’s best nurseries specializing in native and drought-resistant plants. The adjacent Dylan Park has a playground for special needs children. Former home of the legendary Kashmere Stage Band, which dominated national band competitions in the 1970s. Half-acre park includes sculpture and historic markers honoring pioneering U. Located in the Kashmere Gardens neighborhood, park is at the terminus of a seven-block-long spur of the Hunting Bayou Hike and Bike Trail.Tag your posts on social media with #Bayou Greenways! Stunning Downtown views from south side of building overlooking White Oak Bayou and Hogg Park. The open space had been the former Inwood Forest golf course, which was saved from commercial redevelopment. Located just west of White Oak Bayou Greenway A nesting pair of bald eagles has been spotted near Thomas Bell Foster Park and the Normandy Street Bridge. This tributary north of the bayou opens up into a wide section, featuring large Bald Cypress trees and American Crinum Lilies. Located about one mile north of bayou, just west of I-45. This facility was designed for children with disabilities and 90% of its features are accessible to those with mobility issues. Former heavyweight boxing champion, who grew up in the 5th Ward, has long been a preacher at this church. A former site of a dairy farm and bootlegging activity (1915-25), it was donated as parkland in 1979 by a family with oil and timber interests. Features nature trails, including a half-mile walk connecting to a neighborhood east of the park named for founder of the Brown & Root construction company, who died in 1962. Its eight influential jazz-funk albums were the subject of the 2011 documentary, “Thunder Soul.” High school is located one mile north of Hutcheson Park and Hunting Bayou, on Lockwood Drive. This 1.1-acre bird sanctuary, along an original channel (oxbow) of the bayou, is owned by Houston Audubon. Exceeding 70,000 seats, NRG Stadium will host Super Bowl 51 on February 5, 2017.Click here to download a printable version to take with you. Brand new trail connection spirals down to the White Oak Bayou Greenway Trail. Complete with trails, a baseball field and skyline views, Stude Park is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Oak Forest neighborhood burger place—founded in 1967—is located one block east of White Oak Bayou Greenway. Beneath this bridge over the bayou—north of 43rd Street (and south of TC Jester Boulevard)—is one of Houston’s largest bat roosts. Located in Acres Homes, the childhood—and current—neighborhood of Mayor Sylvester Turner. Best seen by kayaking the 7.5-mile “paddle trail” extending from Brock Park to Thomas Bell Foster Park (contact Bayou City Adventures for “Greens Bayou Eagle Tour”). These park benches on the Baxter Family property demonstrate a gracious sense of community. The playground is located in 84-acre Tidwell Park, whose north entrance is accessed directly from Halls Bayou Greenway Trail, which connects the park to Forest Brook Middle School. Located two blocks northwest of Little York Road crossing of the Halls Bayou Trail. This 500-acre park includes 140 acres of old growth forest, playing fields, trails, and 110 acres of wetlands designed for flood control. Densely-forested, 750-acre park is bisected by Hunting and Greens bayous, as well as U. Located in the historic Park Place neighborhood, adjacent to Charlton Park and the Glenbrook Park Golf Course. During the year, the stadium is home to the Houston Texans and hosts the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.