Single pregnant women dating

Among online dating options are a few sites promoting pregnant sex, hookups and even one offering "pregnant naughty chat." Dating wasn't about sex for Melissa Meister, a model-turned-stylist in Los Angeles.Divorced, she attempted to have a baby on her own through a donor when she and her boyfriend of three years began trying together, and voila!

He was new to Hollywood at the time of filming several months ago. If I had tried I think I would have gotten a slap in the face," he chuckled.

My confidence was zero, my faith in men was zero, but with everything else, I was doing alright. I wanted to see if Tinder was 100% shallow or if there were people on there, who could look beyond the photo. Two of them wanted to meet up, so I planned one for the Friday night and one for the Saturday night. We clicked as much as you can click with someone without meeting them.

During that week, one of those two stopped chatting, since he knew we were meeting up… The other sent me a charming photo of his knob and a thorough description of where he wanted to put it. I was still getting matches but I was rapidly losing interest. Well because one of those original four, made me laugh, made me smile with his messages and chatted to me all day. We moved off of Tinder and onto Whats App and the conversation flowed continuously. NO dirty pictures on either side (and no requests for them either). Just genuine chatting and getting to know each other. I saved him in my phone as and I stopped going on Tinder. And we went from having never met, to seeing each other every day. I met his mum, who is an amazing lady and who seemed to accept me straight away. My baby kicked every time he kissed me and instead of freaking out, he bonded with it. And my friends said that that’s probably a good thing, because I’m usually attracted to He accepted me exactly as I am, baby and children too, messy breakups still haunting me, unable to speak a word about my feelings because I’d been hurt so much in the past.

I haven’t felt this happy, in a very very long time. but it really is possible to find someone in the most unlikely of places, no matter what situation you are in.

There is still hope out there for single, pregnant, broken women, to find depth amongst the shallow and to move on to better things.