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Simon contacted me after seeing the online dating profile portraits I did for Bo in Bath.He’s new to online dating and quickly realised he didn’t have many great photographs of himself (I’m sure that’s true for a lot of people actually).In simple terms, photography is all about light, and the better the quality of light, the better the photo.

In fact, a pro photographer would either use a wall to steady themselves or bring their elbows into their side (using their body as a kind of tripod) to keep the phone camera as still as possible. Oh and don’t forget to tap the screen and focus on the eyes.London-based online dating photographer Saskia Nelson, of ‘Saturday Night’s Alright’, gives her top tips for taking a great online dating profile picture on your smartphone.I may be a pro photographer, but I’m still a huge fan of mobile photography.This will immediately even out the light on the face.If, for some reason, you have to take the photos indoors then the first thing you need to do is turn off the automatic flash function, which can be done very easily on most smartphones.