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You have to improve your overall social skills instead of merely ignoring women’s responses.You must constantly measure your results and reflect on what you’re doing.Compare that to my reader who considers a “warmup” to be 10 approaches in the first of entering a club.Another RSD student did a “30 day challenge” where if he didn’t get laid with going out in that month, he would sleep on the street with homeless people.When I left Toronto, I completely understood why there is a “PUA Hate” culture: RSD is teaching guys to interact with a high number of girls in uncomfortable situations, training them to dislike and eventually hate the process of getting laid.They’ve created mindless approach machines who regularly get kicked out of night spots and stopped by security in malls.The burnout is so high and the upheaval to the self of an RSD student is so extreme that many become game denialists for life, and are actually less likely to succeed with women had they adopted a more balanced approach to getting laid.

The other month he happily emailed me when he did one rep on the bench at 165 pounds, something I didn’t do until I was 22. No, because I don’t want him to hate interacting with women, the inevitable result of doing what RSD teaches.RSD students have quit their jobs to focus on approaching full time.It seems like the goal is to get a guy to lose his identity in a program that either turns him into a disgruntled hater or a guy whose only skill at life is approaching.Join and engage in our active community of 100,000 members discussing the best dating techniques, case studies, and learning for FREE directly from best the instructors.The interviews were amazing by the way, and the networking module was so full of value.