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Then Greg Lake passed away December 7after a long battle with cancer.

Where was all the television media reports for this man?!? Leon Russell did get a fair shake from the media when he passed away from heart failure on November 13 in 2014, and they are now suing the disbanded rock act for a series of alleged hazing incidents and unfavorable conditions, according to the New York Post. Oh well, he’ll be back when he has something to promote….l’ll give him a month off…. I hate to say it but SIXX: AM singer James Michaels is so boring. guitarist filed for divorce from Perla, his wife of 13 years, in December, 2014.

I awoke the next day on Christmas and the first thing I heard was that he died at age 53.

I never met George but worked on his video “Father Figure” in Los Angeles.

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Keith says: ”The stick is a very superstitious thing.””If it’s about to rain or if you’re playing outdoors and someone goes ‘Keith, it’s raining’, if I don’t go outside and do a few mysterious movements it would disappoint the whole crew.’They rely upon this stick to stop the rain – and the weird thing is that it works.” However, when the ROLLING STONES performed in a torrential downpour, Keith was forced to admit the magic stick doesn’t always work. ” was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.Perla claims the problem was resolved in 2009, when a judge retroactively made her divorce valid dating back to 1994.But as their own divorce acrimony continues, Slash, real name , is seemingly trying to use this legal technicality to prove the couple were never lawfully married, and denying Perla’s claim to HALF of the millions he earned during their union. LOL) Slash previously filed for divorce from Perla in 2010 but they reconciled two months later and renewed their vows in 2011.’ farewell shows at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 17 and will play their final show on July 5 at Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland………A Canadian police force has apologized to The local police force in the town of Kensington, made headlines earlier by warning those caught driving under the influence of alcohol would be subjected to the Canadian band’s music.