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I don't need to add any methods, map any parameters, or write any code for the to handle both these querying and updating scenarios - it can work against the LINQ to SQL data model we point it against and do these operations automatically.

When updates are made, the LINQ to SQL ORM will automatically ensure that all business rules and validation logic we've added (as partial methods) to the LINQ to SQL data model pass before persisting anything to the database.

We'll also want to select the "Advanced" button and enable updates and deletes for the datasource: When we click the "Finish" button above, VS 2008 will declare a to point to it (via its Data Source ID property).The field of the table that we use as Data Key Names of Grid View acts as primary key of the table.So, in your table, "cftm_emp_name" is the primary key and you cannot update the primary key.Now that we have the basics of our web UI working against our LINQ to SQL data-model, we can go ahead and further customize the UI and behavior.Our Grid View above has a lot of columns defined within it, and two of the column values (the Supplier ID and the Category ID) are currently foreign-key numbers -- which certainly isn't the ideal way to represent them to an end-user.