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This modern glass and concrete structure, completed in 1961, is the Kremlin's most recent edifice.It was built during the halcyon days of the Khruschev administration to host Communist Party congresses and was executed in appropriately magnificent style.Its stone walls were graced by the magnificent Cathedral of the Assumption, where Ivan defiantly tore up the charter binding Moscow to Mongol rule.

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The Arsenal is now the headquarters of the Kremlin Guard.

Petersburg in 1710, Cathedral Square was the focal point of political power in the country--coronations, assemblies of the nobility, and all of the associated ceremonial rituals of state took place here.

If one ignores the statue of Lenin that still looks out across the square from its eastern edge, Cathedral Square provides an unparalleled atmosphere of old tsarist Russia.

The Kremlin Arsenal was commissioned by Peter the Great to serve as a weapons depot and manufactory.

After Napoleon's disastrous retreat from Moscow this building became a museum commemorating the Russian victory.