Norton not updating

Finally, not to ignore FREE Anti-virus programs, I also have AVG FREE Anti Virus and Bitdefender Anti Virus Free Edition on two other computers.I’ve used AVG Free for a number of years without problems, and for the past year, Bitdefender Free, also with good results.And to make matters even MORE mysterious, especially for “consumers” who use their Norton products, if you visited the Symantec web site it was actually difficult to find information about the Norton products!

The companies included Symantec, Mc Afee, EST (then called NOD), Panda, and others.

To configure Norton's auto-protect feature, see "Stop Norton from Blocking MLS Updates" below.

To temporarily disable the antivirus feature in Norton The "Auto-Protect" feature in Norton Antivirus programs may block program updates to CTI Navigator desktop.

And although I didn’t give it my top review, one company’s program made a big impression on me…. I didn’t give Kaspersky my top review that year because frankly, way back then the company was just becoming known in the Anti-Virus world, and their interface was really cumbersome to use.

But, when all was said and done, I took a fancy to the program, and even installed it for a year on one of my computers.