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A side he suspects exists, but is kept hidden underneath her pristine lab coat. Wanting to be with her again, physically and emotionally, Jay pretends to take the serum.

Their intimate encounter awakens an emotional part of him, and has left him longing for more. Later that morning they make wild passionate love against the bathroom wall.

It doesn't matter if you do it first or last, long or short, though, it has to get done sooner or later.

For that reason, I’ve asked around and found some wonderful authors who landed contracts with either a big-name agent or a major publisher, thanks to their synopses.

I’ve placed the author's names with their synopsis with a link through the name so you can check out their sites.

Knowing Laura and Jay must test the formula again, her assistant makes a suggestion.

If Laura wants to finish what they started she should switch the vials.

I never write my synopsis until the manuscript is complete--and usually polished. I’ve asked around and found I had a lot of company.

Sometimes you might even need to do that synopsis first, maybe for an agent or an editor, maybe on more than one book.