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Controls Dim cell As Data Control Field Cell = Try Cast(control, Data Control Field Cell) If cell Is Not Nothing And Also cell.By the way, when I attempted to cut and paste your code, the compiler would not accept the arguments (String, Object) at the end of IDictionary, saying that IDictionary has no parameters, and also in the return values portion below it complains that Dictionary is not a type.I'll take a closer look at your posts maybe tomorrow, and definitely Monday, but I'm just a hack, and I so close to dumping this whole thing and lettting someone else do it...whooops there isn't anyone else...The new values are not being retrieved, just the old values.Step 1 – Create database table and create new web application.Step 3 – Add name space for sql connection Data Table object.

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This is such a monumental show stopper after all the work I have put into this web site, I can't believe there isn't a straight forward method of retrieving the new values.

Crack open reflector and look at the Grid View's source code.

The event arguments will ALWAYS be empty unless you are bound to a datasource control.

Dim o Conn as new Sql Connection("") Dim o Cmd as new Sql Command("Update Sp", o Conn) o Cmd.

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