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During the fifteenth century, the Protestant Reformation spread into Upper Hungary, and most Slovaks converted to the Lutheran faith.In 1526, after the Ottoman Turks conquered the southern section of its kingdom, Hungary became part of the Hapsburg Empire.World War I opened the way for dismembering the Austro-Hungarian Empire and letting its subject nationalities create independent countries.As a result the Czech and Slovak lands were united, and Czechoslovakia was created on October 28, 1918.The vast Carpathian mountain range that stretches along Slovakia's northern border also juts into central Slovakia.In this central region the Tatras, which cap the Carpathian system, reach altitudes as high as 8,711 feet.

The empire was the first unification of Czech (Bohemian and Moravian) and Slovak peoples.

Other faiths include Judaism, Greek Catholic, and Orthodox.

The religion of an estimated 27.2 percent of the population is either unidentifiable (17.5 percent) or atheist (9.7 percent).

Although a small country, with a land mass of 18,919 square miles, Slovakia's topography varies widely.

Its territory includes rugged mountains, dense forests, and low fertile plains.