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Since then it has been powered by batteries, meaning engineers from Openreach, BT's network arm, have to drive to the village every six hours to install a new ones.

And some of the village's 400 residents are furious that they are often left completely without an internet connection for hours due to the power problem.

Rose posted an Instagram Story on her account which shows her laying down and admiring the music man as he plants a kiss on her lips as a Michael Jackson song plays in the background.

Savage and Rose have been fueling dating rumors for a few weeks.

Rose was previously married to rapper Wiz Khalifa from 2013-2014.

Savage fanned the romance flames when he posted (and then took down) a video of the twosome having a very loving conversation in the car together.It just means less competition for Montgomery's unbuttoned shirts and tight denim jeans. Wig or no wig, Billy's cookie-eating skills are on point.Also, we should note this would be an *excellent* way to bring back Mrs.Wheeler into the story in Season 3 after actress Cara Buono spent practically all of this one on the bench.It helps that Montgomery has a killer accent in real life.